Tradition and our many years of experience together with our hard work and commitment to excellence have all contributed to our proudly producing the world´s first certified bottled mezcal.

For more than 100 years, our family has forged one of the most significant mezcal traditions in Mexico, providing us the expertise to create and proudly recommend the mezcals that we produce. We believe our clients will share our appreciation of the culture and tradition of mezcal through their understanding of the ancestral methods we use to make a true mezcal.

In the Tlacolula Distillery, the Oaxacan traditions, rituals, and values enhance the flavor and aroma of our superb mezcal, which has been marked with the Origin Denomination guarantee. Our respect and conviction for this authentic process is the legacy that sets us apart from others.
Our company’s utmost commitment to providing our customers with the very best quality product was recognized in 2004 when we became the first distillery to bottle certified mezcal and proudly hold the first official NOM for mezcal in Mexico. Each and every bottle of mezcal we sell is certified—100% agave and 100% natural.

As our company has several family plantations, the needed raw materials are readily available, guaranteeing a stable, high-quality production as well as a fair market price season after season. Thanks to our research and technological development, we are able to ensure the same superb quality mezcal our consumers have come to expect.